Let us introduce ourselves.






Wellspring – good things are coming.

We are Wellspring Therapy and Spa. Our love for holistic care has led us to build a headquarters for wellness. Made up of a team of passionate healthcare professionals, we are here to help you maximize your health and help you live a life free of stress, and physical pain.


Meet the Team

Our Story

Wellspring opened March 2014 with the goal of bringing health to the Fort Myers community in a way never seen before. Our goal was to fill the gap between research-based techniques and holistic health therapies. Today, we have some of the most knowledgeable therapists in our area, ready to meet your needs!

Our Mission

The focus of our business is you! Our entire team is clinically trained to understand what your body needs. From relaxation based therapies, to illness-related treatments, our team is 100% committed to finding the best treatment to take your health to the next level. You will be amazed at all the ways your health can improve in just a few sessions.

The Community

Wellspring is a place where people of all ages can receive the necessary care to prevent stress from affecting other factors of their health. We rely on research-based therapy methods, both traditional and holistic, proven to relieve pain and stress, prevent disease, and accelerate recovery.


The Training

Our approach is focused on helping you feel good in all aspects of your wellness, including your internal and external health. That is why we provide a variety of natural beauty services that helps our members to look and feel healthy, and  experience true "Wholistic" Care.


The People

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide helpful information to help you understand the source of your problem and find the right therapy option, Schedule a consultation today, and start living a healthier and less stressful life today!