Chronic Pain

 Injury, or Illness Related Pain Relief

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Pain Relief Therapy

Prompt treatment to a recent injury or new area of pain will decrease or eliminate the chances for it to become permanent or chronic.  It has been proven that the duration and intensity of the initial pain stimulus leads to increase sensitivity of the problem area and the nervous system which at the same time augments the perception of pain.

Also chronic pains that have failed to different approaches including surgery and regular PT or chiropractor care, can respond to advanced pain technology.

Pain interferes with the quality of your life in many different aspects.  Getting out of pain will allow you to:

1. Improve interpersonal relationships in the family, social and work environments by improving the mood and reduce feelings of depression.

2. Return to your previous recreational life due to increase energy levels and strength.

3. Control or reduce blood pressure to more normal  levels

4. Be able to work again and be a provider for you and your family


Our approach to pain relief emphasizes non-invasive, drug-free therapies that combine holistic and traditional methods. Our licensed physical therapists will help you recover from your injury and relieve the pain caused by several types of illnesses. Part of our "Wholistic" approach is finding the root source of the pain, which at times is different than symptomatic area. Our techniques include Manual Therapy, Therapeutic exercise programs, Neuromuscular rehabilitation, Pain management modalities, Biomechanical evaluations, Laser Therapy, Microcurrent Therapy, and more...


Liliana DeFiore, PT

Liliana is a certified in Physical Therapist specializing in Orthopedics and Vestibular Rehabilitation, using Microcurrent, acupuncture point stimulation, and laser therapies for pain relief.