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Massage Therapy

Scope: Wellness & Relaxation



Stressed, Tense, or In Need of Relaxation?

Our clinical therapeutic techniques are highly effective at treating stress and many orthopedic problems. Our therapists use clinical tools, such as microcurrent devices, to improve blood and lymph flow, relax muscle tissues, and promote the release of endorphins to treat pain of all types, especially for sports injuries and musculoskeletal/neuroskeletal issues.

 Clinical Massages can be very beneficial to your health, they are used therapeutically to relax and promote a more effective immune system. A massage session can create a better response to stress, positive change in mentality, and decreased pain in areas of tension. Our therapists can help you find imbalances affecting your health and suggest an effective treatment course.


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Featured Therapist


Danyelle Argese, LMT is an experienced therapist certified in lymphatic drainage, and proficient in multiple massage modalities.