Clinical Scar treatments

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What is Scar Clearance?

Whether they are small or large, keloid or not, dark or light, scars are overall undesirable and often create additional problems that are more significant than just a skin blemish. Connective tissue was mostly considered to have an exclusively structural function, but now it is known as a high speed signaling matrix using bio-photons and electromagnetics transmitted by liquid crystalline structures in a collagen network.


Clearing a scar means to treat the scar tissue, and/or adhesion, until it loses its ability to negatively interfere with the body's natural communication among systems or organs.

We use a special electrical frequency that is shown to dramatically change scar tissue, improving its quality and functionality so that the flow or circulation of neural connections are re-stablished and flexibility is restored.  Not treating scars may lead to failure of certain area that is affected or "weakened" by the blockage and although not seen or felt immediately, may develop overtime.

Scar treatment is good for:

-Improving the appearance of scar

-Decrease pain on area of the scar or even in distant areas that appear to be non-related.

-Improve ROM (range of motion) of a joint affected by the scar.

-Improve normal body homeostasis by restoring connections that could lead to problems in the future if not treated.

Here at Wellspring we successfully treat scars using bio electro-stimulation technology, which works by producing microcurrent electrical impulses that communicate with the body’s nervous system when electrodes are placed against the skin.  When using the proper frequencies for connective tissue, this technology is able to restore normal electro-dynamic properties of the tissue, normalize cell signaling, improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and increase neuropeptides.

Scars often cause no local symptoms and, therefore, are often overlooked, so when dealing with patients in pain or dysfunction, we always evaluate and treat scars obtaining readings of the impedance of the skin (Voltage of scar tissue is different from surrounding tissue) and clearing them.


Liliana DeFiore, PT

Liliana is a certified in Physical Therapist specializing in Orthopedics and Vestibular Rehabilitation, using Microcurrent, acupuncture point stimulation, and laser therapies for pain relief.